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Basic Genealogical Research

The aim of the basic genealogical research is to search for the basic infromation about persons, places and dates requested by the clients in all archives in the Czech Republic & Slovakia. The following services are included in the Basic Genealogical Research:

Search for vital , i.e., records of * birth, oo marriage, and + death.

Visits to ancestral locations, photographing the locations, providing maps, postcards and additional information about the relevant locations.

Searching for the living relatives, tracing their destiny, contacting the living relatives within the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Searching for and providing cadastral maps of ancestral properties, land maps, localization of ancestral houses.

Travel arrangements for clients visiting the Czech Republic (car rent, translator, interpretation, guides, car driver, accomodation) and other services for your visits in Bohemia and Moravia.

Related research on clients' ancestors within USA either to obtain some more information to enable a regular research in Bohemia / Moravia / Slovakia or to continue in ancestral research after completion of the research in Europe

Any other service or information within the regions of Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia will be provided on a special request.

Ancestral Research Report

Prior to the begining of any research project we prepare an individual proposal for a client (a list of options and a price list) based on given data we obtain. It contains all possible options of proposed research. The client then has the choice to select and/or comment any proposed combination of the options in order to satisfy his or her needs and wishes.


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