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Specialized Genealogical Research

The aim of the Specialized Genealogical Research in to search for information that follow the Basic Genealogical Research, specify it or provide more detailed information. It may also be performed as a special project on its own.
The following services are included in the Specialized Genealogical Research.

Land register extraction

Wedding agreements / contracts

Agreements of inheritance

Search for the social status of a family

Military matters

School matters (attendance, reports, etc.)

Religious rites (engagement protocols, fiancee, examinations, confirmations)

Employment matters (associations, work on significant projects, etc.)

Participation in subjects rebellions

Emigration matters


Ancestral Research Report

Prior to the begining of any research project we prepare an individual proposal for a client (a list of options and a price list) based on given data we obtain. It contains all possible options of proposed research. The client then has the choice to select and/or comment any proposed combination of the options in order to satisfy his or her needs and wishes.


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