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February 2006 Results of T&P Research work published again!

When we were originally contacted by Michael E. Kohel to search on his ancestors, we were facing the most problematic fact: he knew that his ancestors, the Kohel family, came from Bohemia but the place of the family origin was unknown. While working together we were able to determine possible areas of the family origin. Consequent “aerial” research brought fruits of our mutual effort. We located the family South West Bohemia. Our extensive research traced the Kohel family lineage in the area back to the middle of 1600’s and the results were basis for the book, of which Michael E. Kohel is author: Descendants of Joannes Kohel and Related Families (Auclair, Ferguson, Grube, Horz and Panzer). The book was published by Genealogy Publishing Service and if you would like to contact the author, please write him directly at kohelroots@aol.com.

September 2005 Meeting with a client in Prague

In the middle of September 2005, a lead researcher of T&P Research, Mrs. Zuzana Capkova, met with our relatively new client from Wisconsin, Mr. Paul F. Dvorak. After completion of our research for him, Zuzana accompanied Paul on his trip across Bohemia to visit various ancestral locations identified during the quite large researcher project. Paul was very satisfied with our research results as well as with our services at all. There will be more work to be done for Paul and we appreciate his references regarding our services he provides.

September 2005 Meeting with a client in Prague, Czech Republic

At the beginning of September 2005, Mrs. Zuzana Capkova, the T&P lead researcher met with T&P Research long-time clients from Arizona, Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Judy Trehearne. During this very pleasant meeting up-to-date results of their ongoing research were presented to Bob and Judy. They were very pleased with the current results and the research status and new directions of future research were discussed as well. This meeting is the first one from a series of meetings with our clients we have planed for this fall as they are coming to visit the Czech Republic. Personal meetings with clients are the best opportunities to discuss research results, provide additional information and explanation verbally as well as to answer any question our clients might have.

May 2005 Meeting GBHS members on their 2005 Homeland Tour in Prague, Czech Republic

As almost every year during last couple of years, the German-Bohemian Heritage Society (GBHS) arranged for its members a Homeland Trip lead by Bob Paulson, a founder of the society. On their stop in Prague Mrs. Zuzana Capkova, the T&P lead researcher, had the opportunity to meet with the group members including Bob and also Molly Schweinfurther, our long-time client and the GBHS Research and Outreach Committees member. It was nice to meet these people we have been working with for years again and again in the Czech Republic. Following the GBHS Homeland Trip, in June 2005, Zuzana joined Molly and they both spent a number of days visiting Molly’s ancestral villages and discovering the Molly’s lineage through real ancestral places in Southern and Western Bohemia. As Molly stated after the trip: “I had an unforgettable adventure and made a new friend in Zuzana”. We thank you Molly for this great opportunity you gave to us to assist you to “touch the past” of your ancestors.

May 2005 Mountain View German-Czech-American Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona closed!

The only Czech restaurant in Arizona - famous Mountain View Restaurant of Laddie Kletecka on 1220 E Prince Road in Tucson has been closed since May 2005. This restaurant served as a Mecca of all Czechs and Slovaks in this south-west part of the United States. Laddie was gladly helping us to find new clients and the restaurant witnessed many pleasant meetings of T&P Research representatives with them. After almost 20 years in this business in Tucson Laddie finally decided to retire. We will definitely miss this unofficial center of Czech and Slovak people, food and culture in hot southern Arizona. Thank you Laddie for all your help and support!

January 2005 T&P Research becomes a Registered Trademark

Exactly 8 months later after the initial submittal of our request for registered trademark, on January 26, 2005 we receive the Osvědčení o zápisu ochranné známky (Certificate of a registered trademark) from the Úřad Průmyslového Vlastnictví České Republiky (Industrial Property Bureau of the Czech Republic). Starting on this date the T&P Research ® name becomes a registered trademark of Zuzana Capkova for (16) printing products (reports) and (42) genealogical research and services in the area of genealogy.

November 2004 Meeting with a client in Chicago, Illinois, USA

At the beginning of November 2004, a representative of T&P Research, Pavel Tyrpak, met with a T&P Research significant and a long-time client, Mr. Tom Herget. It was a very pleasant meeting in Tom’s office in Chicago’s downtown after many years of mutual cooperation. Successful completion of previous research projects as well as possible direction of future cooperation was discussed.

July 2004 T&P Research joints the C-RS

In July 2004 T&P Research became a member of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society (C-RS) based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Our membership in this organization is the T&P’s contribution to all Rusyns (Carpatho- Ruthenians) that came from Eastern Slovakia at the edge of the 20th century and settled in Western Pennsylvania to work in coal mines, steel mills and heavy industry factories and who helped with their blood and lives to build America.

May 2004 T&P Research requests a Registered Trademark

Zuzana Capkova as the T&P Research lead representative officially submitted a request to the Úřad Průmyslového Vlastnictví České Republiky (Industrial Property Bureau of the Czech Republic) to register our trade name - T&P Research ® - as a trademark. Since the day of the request submittal the trademark may be officially used but it will take up to 8 month to receive a certificate for the registered trademark from the certification body.

March 2004 Organizational changes in T&P Research

Due to organizational changes in the T&P Research organization, starting on March 1, 2004 Mrs. Zuzana Capkova becomes the lead researcher of the association. She has been a valuable member of the team for a number of years involved in research, administration, and final reports compilation and translation. Her experience and knowledge in various areas of the association operations is a great contribution to her new important role. Good luck Zuzana!

October 2003 Meeting with a client in Tempe, Arizona, USA

At the end of October 2003, a representative of T&P Research, Pavel Tyrpak, met again, after more than a year, with one of the T&P Research key clients in Arizona, Mr. Gerold Pokorny. This pleasant meeting with Gerold and his wife Ilse was a symbolic celebration of our long term fruitful and successful cooperation. We appreciate such close and warm relationships with our clients. Thank you Gerold for all your business and support.

February 2003 Meeting with a client in Tucson, Arizona, USA

At the end of February 2003, a representative of T&P Research, Pavel Tyrpak, met with another T&P Research client from southern Arizona, Mr. John Kofron with his spouse from Tucson, Arizona. How it is interesting that so many of our clients live in this hot but beautiful southern corner of the United States of America. John was very pleased with our research results and this meeting was just the pleasant discussion over the final research report. It is always easier to ask questions and give answers to them while meeting personally than communicate just via emails. We welcome such opportunities to meet our clients.

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